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Don't Forget the Human Factor !

Posted on 22 February, 2019 at 11:25

A while ago I saw two movies that touched me deeply once again, and I said to myself : « I need to write about it ! »

The first one was « Sully » about the pilot that landed on Hudson river back in 2009 and saved 155 passengers, and the second one was « A good lie » about « The Lost Boys of Sudan » landing in the US and having to adapt to their new lives.

In both of these movies, the main theme was the human factor. How humanly we are, or not.

I spent half time crying during the first movie and some time crying during the second one, crying for humanity and how cruel it can be at times, how much we sometimes lack compassion, understanding, love, kindness for our fellow beings. I keep surprising myself at not belieiving when I see and witness all the things this world is doing that are leading us all in the wrong direction, and cannot help but wonder : « When are we going to learn our lessons ? », « When are we going to wake up for good and change our destiny ? »

I couldn’t believe how an absolute hero could have almost been turned into a vilain, when the Pilot’s Authorities kept trying to find a human error in the case of pilot Sully, who made a right decision at the right moment and saved 155 souls by landing his plane on the Hudson River back in January 2009.

I couldn’t believe the atrocities those Sudanese children were forced to face and all what they had to go through, as I never can believe any war atrocities people are faced with, especially in the 21st century.

Each time I cry for all of us, for all humankind, for all the lessons we still are not able to learn, for not being able to change and fulfill our true destiny, the one of a healthy, compassionate, loving, caring, kind, generous society, where everybody is working for the highest good of ALL.

It takes one person at a time, one change at a time to arrive where we are supposed to arrive, where our Creator (whatever his/her name is for each and everyone of us) meant for us to be when he/she created us in the first place.

And, like captain Sully said to the Commission that was judging him and his co-pilot in the movie : « You are forgetting the human factor ! »

It seems to me we all are forgetting the human factor all the time : when we decide to go into yet another war, whether on personal or nation-wide level ; when we decide to build yet another robot to replace human work force ; when we judge each other based on outer appearences, …

Even though I love technology and all the progress we have made thus far, I cannot help but wonder each time « How far should we go ? » How far is enough and how far is too much ? »

Each time I hear or read about Artificial Intelligence, I cannot help but wonder « What if it starts working against, instead of for us ? »

Because, no matter how sophisticated they might be, they will never have a heart, they could never be able to feel like humans do, they would never be able to include the feeling and intuitive part while reasoning whether to take this or that decision or step when resolving a conflict or a problem.

So, once again, let us not forget the human factor in everything we are doing and being !

No matter how imperfect we are, we are still the only living beings who are able to learn and grow from our mistakes, who are able to make amends when we do make a mistake, to correct ourselves when we take a wrong turn, to feel love, compassion, extend kindness and generosity towards each other and every other living being. We are able and capable of healing ourselves, each other and our Planet and Humanity ! We are the only ones able and capable of helping ourselves and each other !

Luckily for captain Sully and all of us, he managed to justify his decisions and the Commission finally recognised him as an absolute hero. And even then, he didn’t take all the credit for himself only. He said : « I didn’t do it alone ! We all did it together, my co-pilot, my crew, the passengers on that plane and the rescue teams ! »

And, he was right ! It is a team work ! It takes a village working together to change the direction destiny takes sometimes !

When the editor in chief of Healers Magazine, Ben Miller sent the call for submission about the fourth issue and started by saying how frustrated he was when his dad was saying to him and his sister, each time they were in a dispute that both of them were right, it made me thinking.

When I was crying during the movie « Sully » because of the injustice I thought was being done to him and his co-pilot during the trial this Pilots’ Commission (or whatever its name is) made them go through, at one point I remembered Ben’s father saying : « You are both right ! »

I said to myself : « They were only doing their job ! » Even though I thought it was wrong, I could find a justification for what they were doing. It was the human factor once again that made them understand in the end they were wrong and admit it and make amends for what they made captain Sully and his co-pilot go through.

So, let us all not forget the Human Factor, once again !

Love, Light and Blessings to your Hearts, Minds and Souls !



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